The Dance of Intimacy – Butoh Workshop
May 11, 2016

The Dance of Intimacy
June 26, 1-5pm,
Asheville Contemporary Dance Theater
20 Commerce Street Asheville, NC 28801
Cost: $25

In this 4 hour workshop we will practice seeing and being seen through the lens of intimacy. Participants will make the invisible visible, learning more about the vulnerability of the body and mind. Through movement, we will find pathways to explore space, time and place and play with structures for improvising where we can witness and participate. Skills include release techniques and experiential anatomy to better understand the mechanics of the body. Additionally, we will work with patterns, imagery and perspective to create dances that are dynamic and alive in the moment.

To reserve a space, RSVP via the facebook event or send me a message.

Photo: audrey goforth photography