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Blue Wave Pilot Project Photo: Colin Davison

University of Sunderland and National Trust is working with dancers, creatives & charities Sangini, Friends Of the Drop In for Asylum Seekers and Refugees (FODI), North East Migration Project (NEMP) to explore local marine ecologies with the communities they serve through collaborative experience, peer mentorship, skills development & exchange, using visual journaling, sustainable costume-making activities to inform a site-specific, improvisational dance.

Driven by community interests, we will deliver: a Community Exchange day, workshops and a public sharing with each community in ACE priority areas: South Shields, Sunderland and Hartlepool, and a prof development session with young dancers at LEAD Education.

The project will culminate in a live performance at Tall Ships Hartlepool in 2023.



Pilot Project: final sharing film by Alan Fentiman; costume and visual journal workshop photos by Colin Davison

In 2021, the Blue Wave project was piloted via a site-specific community dance project designed to connect participants to the bioregion. The project was commissioned by SeaScapes Co/Lab, a creative engagement project led by University of Sunderland for SeaScapes marine heritage project. Blue Wave was co-created by University of Sunderland, National Trust and dancer, Constance Humphries with members of FODI Sunderland (Friends of the Drop In for Asylum Seekers and Refugees) and members from Sangini in South Shields. Constance led a variety of activities over 9 weeks that included coastal exploration, visual journals, sustainable costumes, and improvisational movement techniques. She supported the groups to co-create and perform an original dance that expressed their unique relationship with the seascape and was performed at Roker Beach near Sunderland, UK.



Meet the amazing team of creatives for the Blue Wave project.

Suzy O’Hara, Research Lead and Curator: SeaScapes Co/Lab Creative Engagement Project
Pilot project interview films made in collaboration with filmmaker Alan Fentiman

Constance Humphries, Lead artist, movement, visual response, costume-making, Sangini, FODI, NEMP,
Photos from the Blue Wave pilot performance.

Maggie Hsiao, Community-embedded artist, visual journals, Sangini & FODI

Lijie Zhang, Community-embedded artist, costume-making, Sangini & FODI

Tracey West, Community-embedded artist, movement, FODI

Nikki Woodward, Community-embedded artist, movement, FODI

Bettie Hope, Community-embedded artist, costume-making, NEMP

Hartlepool Sewing Group, costume-making collaborators, NEMP

Colin Davison, Photographer

Gavin Selby, Filmmaker



Meet our equally amazing community partners for the Blue Wave project.

Friends of the Drop-In (FODI)

The North East Migration Project (NEMP)

LEAD Education

South Tyneside Council

Hartlepool Council

National Trust

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