Photo: schloss bröllin e.V. / Peter van Heesen

I perform improvisational, experimental and durational works for traditional and non-traditional audiences which have included surveillance cameras, abandoned places and non-humans. These works take form in video, staged and site-specific spaces mostly with my own sound compositions, design and costumes.
My practice is informed by my training in dance theatre, improvisation, butoh and Noguchi Taiso; my education in performance art, drawing and philosophy; and, my research into improvisation as the embodied experience of attention.

Education and Training

My early training was in tap, jazz, ballet and modern dance. From 1987 until 1995, I was a dancer in the modern dance company, Wall St. DanceWorks, which toured and taught throughout the south east of the US. In 1994, I received a BFA from the University of North Carolina, Asheville NC, USA where I focused on performance art and philosophy. In 2010, I began studying and practicing butoh dance, receiving instruction from many internationally respected teachers and performers, including Seisaku, Yumiko Yoshioka, Yuko Kaseki, Sayoko Onishi. and Julie Gillum. I also study and practice Noguchi Taiso with Mari Osanai.

Recent Projects

2021: Commissioned to participate in Sea AIR (Artist in Residence) Research and Development Labs for Seascapes.

2019/20: I premiered a new performance,The Beautiful Us, at the 13th Asheville Butoh Festival; performed in Fremd ist dein kleid (Strange is Your Dress), under the direction of Felix Ruckert at eXit’19 festival in Germany; and workshopped a new performance in progress at the Miniatures Butoh Dance Festival in Ruvo di Puglia, Italy.

Screen-based performances were included in the Asheville Art Museum’s Appalachia Now exhibition and in Beyond Knowing at the Asheville Area Arts Council.

As part of a month long residency at GAS Contemporary, North Shields, UK in February 2020, I produced and performed with six collaborators in four unique events. The laboratory style platform created the conditions for experiential investigations into the unique narrative of the performative body.

2017/2018: I was an artist in residence at Revolve Project Space. Residency projects include Entanglements, a collaboration with Linda Larsen, Adam Larsen and Kima Moore; ReSound, a collaboration with Sonic Parlor and Denice Carbonell; and Am I Who I Am?, a solo exhibition of screen dance + a live performance (and an album).

I also performed at the Black Mountain College’s {Re}Happening festival.

In May, 2018, I debuted a new performance, The Daydreamers’ Ball for Strange and Broken Things at Asheville Butoh Collective‘s show, Dirt, Dreams and Death. The piece was also performed at Breeze Creative’s Project Space, Newcastle, UK in July, 2018.

2015-17:  Projects include an Experimental Studios artist residency at Breeze Creatives, Newcastle, UK; the Just Gather Film Festival, Edinburgh, UK; Help! at BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, Newcastle, UK; Black Mountain College Museum’s Interlude festival, Asheville, NC; Context, Pretext, Subtext: Words in Art, Art in Words, Mars Hill University, Mars Hill, NC and the 10th and 11th Asheville Butoh Festivals

I am honored to be a former member of Asheville Butoh Collective, the former assistant director of the Asheville Butoh Festival, former co-producer of Frame + Form Screendance Festival and former board chair of the Media Arts Project.

Passionate about adult learning, I have taught at ABTech Community College since 2002.

Originally from Asheville, NC, USA, I am currently based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK.